A brief history…

When I was young, my Dad had a record label & recording studio called Nugget Records. On the outskirts of Nashville (like most of the heavy hitters had back then), it was a modest, yet amazing place where I spent lots of time…a type of wonderland for me….watching & hearing magic being made! And it was totally cool ‘old school’…..with a large console, 2 & ¼ inch & other tape machines, wires & racks of gear, vinyl padding, shag carpet walls, parquet floors, foam baffles, rolling dividers, mics everywhere, strewn amps & guitars, a grand piano, & a stunning marble vocal room (a real advance for the time, WAY before effects, etc_). It even had a lofted lounge/bar area to view the recording behind a large glass window. Oh, those were the days! My dad KNEW sound & had a real gift for it…either creating it himself with his guitar or orchestrating all the elements to make something unique & beautiful. There was even a small packing & shipping room behind Miss Dottie’s office (our secretary) for 45’s & catalogue storage, etc. I loved putting water in the ceramic roller that was used to seal packages. I also loved my dad’s giant desk with his name-plated plaque (that I still have). It all just seemed so official & I got to see how it was done. Nugget is also where I honed my vending machine pallet through the craft of combining salted peanuts with a Grape Nehi….(bleck!) It even had a cigarette vending machine since everyone back then smoked….;-/ (with the pull knobs too hard for kids to pull!) With all of these ‘perks’ I just KNEW this place was really important! 😉

My Dad had such a passion for the music business. He loved every facet of it & my mother supported him 100%. It consumed everything & they made sure it was a family affair with me & my brothers & lots of guitars usually in tow. He loved songs….he loved intricate/complicated melodies, he loved real artists, he loved the action on Music Row & LA & NY. He lived & breathed it & gave it his all…even when he became ill or his eyesight failed or the times changed or he was at the end of his life. Once of my last conversations with him was in the hospital & he was encouraging me NOT to cancel a writing appointment….just because. He was always curious & had the energy to give & receive good music & encouraged us to do the same.

In honor of that passion & love….I’ve launched Little Nugget. Not in a big ‘press-y’, “hey, look at me!”, kinda of way….but in a quiet, “soft hug” kind of way. Because of my family…..it’s what I (we) love, what I (we) do & who I (we) am (are).

I’ve always said…”You either make dust or you eat dust.” For my Dad & my family…..I’m plan to keep ‘making it.’ 😉

Little Nugget Records

  • Entertainment services in the nature of recording, production and post-production services in the field of music;
  • Entertainment services by a musical artist and producer, namely, musical composition for others and production of musical sound recordings;
  • Production of musical sound recording;
  • Recording studios;
  • Entertainment services, namely, providing non-downloadable prerecorded music, information in the field of music, and commentary and articles about music, all on-line via a global computer network;
  • Providing online information in the field of music and musical artists via the Internet; providing a website featuring non-downloadable musical sound recordings, musical videos, photographs, artwork, and other multimedia materials featuring musical entertainment and musical artists;
  • Record production; audio recording and production; entertainment services, namely, producing musical audio and videotape recordings for others;
  • videotape production