Nugget Records (1969-’70)
In 1968 Fred Carter, Jr. bought a four track studio built by bluegrass legends Lonzo and Oscar. Secluded in the hills outside of Nashville, the Nugget Record label was the beginning of an independent label like Monument, and Fred intended to build it the exact same way. The studio was an ideal recording environment and when Bridger’s contract with Monument Records expired after three singles, he was the first artist to sign with Nugget Records.

Reference: http://www.bobbybridger.com/bb_about_discographychron.html
Edited: Ronnie Carter

Time Line:

29.06.1959 NUGGET Record Comp., P.O.Box 2942, Tampa 1, FL.  Operated by the Sullivan family

29.06.1959 Nugget 1001 – Frank Evans & The Top-Notchers: I´d like to start again / Got to get some money

02.07.1959 Lonzo & Oscar Music Publication Company formed in Nashville

19.10.1959 Car accident. Ruth & Phillip Sullivan were killed. Rollin Sullivan (Oscar) slept on the back seat, not insured. Johnny Sullivan (Lonzo) was in another car. Funeral took place on Monday, 12.10.1959.

06.10.1961 Nugget 2022 – Lonzo & Oscar: Don´t want to change it now/ Catfish diner Nugget 2800 – Melba Montgomery: Happy you lonely me/ Your picture

27.04.1962 Nugget 201 – Lonzo & Oscar. Nugget 202 – Jean Gibson. Nugget 203 – Barney Carl. Nugget 204 – Mike Miller/ Jack Casey.

02.05.1964 Fred Foster signed FRED CARTER to Monument.

16.05.1964 A&R director Jack Logan of NUGGET reports Dick Flood´s 1st release on Nugget 220 – Blue blue party.

03.10.1964 Nugget 226 – Billy Henson. With this release Sound of Nashville, 160 2nd Ave. South, Nashville, TN. will distribute Nugget Records nationwide.

28.11.1964 Advertisement for Nugget 226

04.09.1965 Nugget 236. Danny Marcus promote his single on a personal tour.

09.10.1965 Nugget 244. A&R director Jack Logan announced new artist Norville Dollar.

25.12.1965 FRED CARTER set his Nashville office in 812 17th Ave., South, Room 201.

05.03.1966 Nugget 246 – Toncas. Nugget 250 – Bob Withers

10.12.1966 ABC´s Nashville office is headed by FRED CARTER.

01.04.1967 Stringbean recorded on Lonzo & Oscar´s Nugget studios.

17.06.1967 Johnny (John R.) Sullivan (Lonzo) died of a heart attack on 05.06.1967.

24.06.1967 Rollin Sullivan says Lonzo & Oscar shows will continue.

08.07.1967 Rollin Sullivan presents new Lonzo: Dave Hooten. Sullivan, operator of Nugget Records says Nugget will continue to operate because of the well known Lonzo & Oscar team.

28.10.1967 FRED CARTER`s new release on Monument 1022.

20.04.1968 Bobby Bobo (former Vice-president and General Manager of Boone Records. Boone Records started 1963 and was sold 1967 to Pamper Music.)  and Fred Carter have purchased Nugget Enterprises with all its companies, included three record labels (NUGGET, CLARK, AMPHION) and will have the same distributors as Boone Records. Offices will remain near Goodletsville, TN. Publishing Company Lonzo & Oscar Music will be renamed L+O Music, managed by Bud Reneau. Manager of Nugget Production Co. is Bob Sachrest.

25.05.1968 Nugget Record Company. President: Bobby Bono, Vice-President: Fred Carter. In just a few weeks, Bobo and Carter have Nugget Records moving, came up with 2 releases and signed 3 new artists.

25.05.1968 Nugget 1020 – Papa Joe´s Music Box – “1929” -Advertisement-.

21.12.1968 Nugget Enterprises (Nugget Records, L+O Publishing, Nugget Sound Studios). Fred Carter President announced Bill Crawford as Vice-President and General Manager. Prior Bill Crawford was president of Banner Records,

22.08.1970 Lester Flatt cut 1 LP + 1 single. He says it was for Pickwick not for Nugget, as he has nothing signed to Nugget, just recorded in their studios. Frank Carter says it was for Nugget 1056 “Drink that Mash & talk that Trash”

29.08.1970 Nugget Records named Fred Carter as president and Ed Read as marketing director and announced that all future products will be distributed by Pickwick International starting with Nugget 1052 – Suzi Arden: L.A. International Airport

05.06.1971 Nugget Enterprises bought new studio equipment.

04.09.1971 Jerry Fuller used the Nugget Studios for production.

05.05.1972 Nugget 1061. Fred Carter wrote, produced and released on his own label.

28.04.1973 Nugget 1071. Fred Carter.

Reference: http://45-sleeves.com